Pope Francis declares Catholic sister killed in Satanic ritual a martyr

By Hannah Brockhaus
Catholic News Agency

VATICAN CITY (CNA) — Pope Francis declared June 19 that Sr. Maria Laura Mainetti, an Italian religious sister killed by three teenage girls in a Satanic sacrifice, was a martyr for the Catholic faith.

The 60-year-old Sister of the Cross was stabbed to death by three teenage girls in 2000 in a park in Chiavenna, Italy. Sr. Maria Laura’s killers were convicted and imprisoned.

Sr. Maria Laura Mainetti is pictured in this undated photo. Pope Francis recognized the June 6, 2000 martyrdom of Sr. Maria in a decree June 19, 2020, opening the door for her beatification. (Creative Commons)

The girls knew the religious sister because she had taught them catechism. They lured her to the park by claiming that one of them needed to talk, because she had been raped and impregnated and was considering an abortion. The three girls originally said the murder was “for a game,” but later admitted they killed her as a demonic ritual.

In the park on the evening of June 6, 2000, the three girls made Sr. Maria Laura kneel and shouted abuses at her. One girl beat the sister with a brick, and another pushed her head repeatedly into a wall. They took turns stabbing Sr. Maria Laura 19 times with a kitchen knife. They had, according to Italian media reports, intended to stab her 18 times, six times each, to form by their violence the number 666.

Sr. Maria Laura prayed throughout the attack and asked God to forgive the girls for their actions. Sr. Maria Laura was the superior of the Sisters of the Cross convent in Chiavenna, which was devoted to helping juvenile delinquents. The girls who killed Sr. Maria Laura, however, had no prior history of crime or violence.

This memorial cross for Sr. Maria Laura Mainetti in Marmitte dei Giganti Park in Chiavenna, marks where she was murdered June 6, 2000. (Creative Commons)

They confessed that they had originally planned to kill the parish priest, but decided that because he was larger, it would prove too difficult. Investigators said the girls’ notebooks were filled with Satanic writings, and that they had made a blood oath some months earlier.

The killers have since been freed from prison, and have started families — changing their names and moving to large Italian cities, according to Corriere della Serra.

Sr. Maria Laura was born Teresina Elsa Mainetti Aug. 20, 1939 in Colico, Italy. She was the youngest of 10 children; her mother died in childbirth. At 18, Teresina entered the Congregation of the Sisters of the Cross. She dedicated her life to children, young people and families in the towns of Vasto, Rome and Parma before moving to Chiavenna in 1984.

Sr. Maria Laura was well known in her small town for her social and charitable commitment to dispossessed youth and poor people. In a 2008 general audience, Pope Benedict XVI praised Sr. Maria Laura, who, he said, “with a total giving of self, sacrificed her life while praying for those who were attacking her.”

Pope Francis also advanced the causes of four other men and women on the path to sainthood. He approved miracles attributed to the causes of three Venerable Servants of God, who can now be beatified:

The pope also declared the heroic virtue of Servant of God Maria de Jesus Elizondo Garcia, superior general of the Congregation of the Catechist Missionaries of the Poor. She was born in 1908 in Durango, Mexico and died Dec. 8, 1966 in Monterrey.

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