Catholic Charities opens home in Williams for women re-entering society post-incarceration

Catholic Charities Community Services uses this truck to help women staying at Magnolia House and other shelters move in. (Catholic Charities photo)

WILLIAMS — The Magnolia House, a residence for women re-entering the community after completing sentences for minor offenses, has opened in Williams.

The three-bedroom home, which is operated by Catholic Charities Community Services as part of its Community Re-Entry Program, can accommodate up to six women who share bedrooms, bathrooms and common areas. The program is a partnership with Housing Solutions of Northern Arizona, the Guidance Center and Coconino County Health and Human Services.

Residents must adhere to house rules, which include no substances, “and we have found that they are very self-aware and become independent very quickly,” said Camie Rasband, director of housing programs at Catholic Charities.

Women staying at Magnolia House can access job-search and other Catholic Charities services, regularly report to their probation officers and attend regular substance abuse counseling and group sessions, now being held virtually. Catholic Charities team members meet with the women once a week to make sure they are staying on track in their job search and return to independence.

“Typically, women in the Community Re-Entry Program find jobs within the first month, primarily in the community where the home is located so they are contributing to the local economy,” Rasband said. “The rent is affordable, and the women are highly motivated to build new lives after their incarceration.”

Catholic Charities Community Services

Founded in 1933, Catholic Charities provides care for the vulnerable of all faiths in Central and Northern Arizona through programs in foster care, early education, affordable housing, veteran services, refugee resettlement and homeless outreach.

Housing for Hope

Housing for Hope, a separate 501c3, is an affiliate of Catholic Charities and provides affordable housing.

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